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How To: Discover New Music

I’m taking a break from my usual routine to show you all some easy ways to discover new music! These tips are NOT, however, meant to replace your visits to this blog (which I very much appreciate).

Yes, discovering new music sounds like it should be easy. Actually, it is! Most people just have trouble getting started. They don’t know where to look. My first piece of advice is to utilize the internet.

Last.fm is a site that I use to help me write my blog posts each week. It has a radio function that is very similar to Pandora. More importantly, it is extremely helpful when trying to compare artists. Just type any artist that you like into the search bar – let’s use Mumford & Sons as an example. Then, under “More”, click “Similar Artists”. This will take you to a list of musicians who sound like Mumford & Sons. They range from “Super Similarity” to “Lower Similarity”.

In addition to Last.fm, there’s noisetrade.com. Noisetrade is a service that allows you to browse and even download music for FREE! Artists can sign up to have their music featured on Noisetrade. It is a great way for those who are just starting in the business to get their name out there. You can search by keyword or by genre. To start discovering, just head to noisetrade.com.

While the internet is limitless and certainly helpful, there are other ways to discover new music. Check out the bulletin boards around your town. Here in Iowa City, they are everywhere! Each one is covered in flyers and posters advertising different shows – some free, some more expensive. Take a look at your local music venues as well. They often have signs advertising upcoming shows.

In Iowa City, one of our popular local music venues is called The Yacht Club. The Yacht Club is located on Linn Street and is housed in the basement of an old building. They typically hang posters in the windows and on the bulletin board outside in order to advertise their shows.

Blue Moose is another great music venue in Iowa City. Located on Iowa Avenue, Blue Moose has a large sign out front that lists upcoming shows. They usually host the big-name acts who come to our town. Tickets to their shows are easy to buy online or at the door.

However helpful these tips may have been, I can assure you that the most powerful resource you have when it comes to discovering new music is word of mouth. Talk to your music-loving friends and see who they’re listening to these days! When someone finds a great band, they’ll want to spread the word.

Of course, another resource I recommend you take advantage of is this blog, You Have to Hear This. We will have new artists for you every week!

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