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Festival season is upon us!

As we finally begin to enter the warmer months, tickets for music festivals everywhere are selling like mad! Not sure which festival to attend? Check out this interactive map that profiles ten different music festivals around the country. Whether you want to camp out for a weekend or attend just one show, there’s a festival out there for you. They can get pricey, but I promise the experience will be worth your money! Happy festival season!

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If you like Fleet Foxes, then you’ll like Real Estate

When you hear the term “indie”, not many mainstream or popular artists come to mind.  While the genre has remained fairly underground, Fleet Foxes have risen to prominence over the past few years.  The catalyst was the release of their album “Fleet Foxes” in 2008, which was named “Album of the Year” by Billboard’s Critic’s Choice.  The group performed on Saturday Night Live and embarked on a worldwide tour as a result of the album’s fantastic impact on the public.

Fleet Foxes is known for their lilting, almost haunting melodies and vocal progressions.  Real Estate, a band from New Jersey, has a very similar sound.  Both bands utilize vocal harmonies and have a distinct “indie” sound.  In addition, twangy guitar riffs are often the center of their songs.

Real Estate's album "Real Estate"

Real Estate’s album “Real Estate” – criticalmob.com

Real Estate is what I would call a “surf rock” band. They are Bon Iver mixed with the Beach Boys. They are the type of band you would listen to in a convertible while cruising down the California coast.  Real Estate has released one EP, “Reality”, and two albums, “Real Estate” and “Days”. They have performed at Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago on two separate occasions.  Most recently, Real Estate played at the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival in the summer of 2012.

Fleet Foxes has a more commercialized sound than Real Estate, which is to be expected.  Real Estate is not signed to a major label and has not made many big-time public appearances other than Coachella and Pitchfork.  However, I think their independence is what makes them able to have such a unique sound.  Lazy guitar picking and echoing melodies define Real Estate’s songs. While I wish nothing but success for the band, I hope they maintain their style.  Check them out below:

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