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Festival season is upon us!

As we finally begin to enter the warmer months, tickets for music festivals everywhere are selling like mad! Not sure which festival to attend? Check out this interactive map that profiles ten different music festivals around the country. Whether you want to camp out for a weekend or attend just one show, there’s a festival out there for you. They can get pricey, but I promise the experience will be worth your money! Happy festival season!

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If you like The Black Keys, then you’ll like Alabama Shakes

The Black Keys is a rock duo comprised of Dan Auerbach and Patrick Carney. They formed the band in 2001 in Ohio and have risen to international fame in the past three years. Their breakthrough album was “Brothers”, released in 2010. The album and its accompanying single, “Tighten Up”, won a combined three Grammy Awards. The band’s latest album, “El Camino”, won this year’s Grammy for “Best Rock Album”.

The Black Keys - newsflask.com

The Black Keys – newsflask.com

Fame came a little more quickly to Alabama Shakes, a rock band formed in Alabama in 2009. Alabama Shakes was nominated for the 2013 Grammy Award for “Best New Artist”. In 2012, the band played at the Newport Folk Festival as well as Bonnaroo. Alabama Shakes and The Black Keys have a similar sound, both vocally and instrumentally.

Alabama Shakes - thedailybeast.com

Alabama Shakes – thedailybeast.com

Both bands have a distinct and traditional rock sound, reminiscent of the many projects of Jack White. Both Auerbach and Brittany Howard, the lead vocalist for Alabama Shakes, have brooding, throaty voices. They both emulate the raspy quality that is so prevalent in the voices of many passionate rock singers. The one major difference between the two? Howard is a woman! Jon Pareles, a New York Times reporter, compared her unique and soulful voice to Janis Joplin’s.

Alabama Shakes and The Black Keys rely heavily on percussion, as many rock bands do. Their screaming electric guitars define each individual song. Since the release of their album “Boys & Girls”, Alabama Shakes has appeared on Conan, Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Saturday Night Live, and even David Letterman’s birthday version of The Late Show with David Letterman.

Here is Alabama Shakes’ single, “Hold On”:

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If you like Zac Brown Band, then you’ll like Love and Theft

Zac Brown Band has recorded five albums and has had nine number one singles on the Billboard country charts. The band has performed at music festivals such as Bonnaroo and won the Grammy for “Best New Artist” in 2010. There are seven members of Zac Brown Band, including lead vocalist Zac Brown.

Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band - cmt.com

Zac Brown of Zac Brown Band – cmt.com

The country group rose to fame in 2008 with the release of their single “Chicken Fried”. Many of their popular songs are characterized by lively rhythms, rock-like guitar, and rich vocals. The most distinct part of their music is the voice of Zac Brown, as well as the harmonies he creates with his band mates. Similarly, Love and Theft is characterized by the smooth vocals of Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson.

Love and Theft - hotnewcountryhits.com

Love and Theft – hotnewcountryhits.com

The country duo used to be a trio, but due to creative differences Love and Theft was downsized in 2011. They sprang onto the popular music scene with their single “Runaway” in 2009. In 2011, “Angel Eyes” became Love and Theft’s first number one single.

Love and Theft’s first album, “World Wide Open”, has more of a pop/rock sound with a country aftertaste. Their latest album, “Love and Theft”, has a distinct country feel. While it is relatively different from their first album, Liles and Gunderson say that they feel “Love and Theft” is a more accurate representation of the duo’s artistic and musical goals. Their songs are catchy and easy to get stuck in your head, with prominent guitar and lyrics that reflect the typical “hopeless romantic” style of many contemporary country artists.

Check out “Angel Eyes” below:

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